Blood Night

Blood Night is a Photo Novel,  it uses photographs instead of drawn artwork to tell it's story. I had been wanting to do a photo novel for some time, I was working on an original Sci-Fi story and one day when I told a friend of mine (Mike Powell) about it to see what he thought about the idea he fell instantly in love with it. You see, Mike is an avid comic book fan and a very talented Cosplayer. He loved everything about the idea, except for the fact the budget needed would take a long time to get funded. Mike suggested a project that would include local Cosplayers, that would eliminate any costume costs, and a story that we could set in local areas without a need for custom sets to make it much easier. It all made sense, and I love working with Cosplayers!

I  started putting the concept for Blood Night together in early 2014, I wrote a rough script and created some storyboards/page layouts to give me a rough idea of how many images I would have to create to fill the pages. I would need at least a 120 images for my concept layout... 120 images! That may not seem like a lot, but that 120 images was broken up over multiple sets and scenes, no small task. I might as well be filming a movie, which I actually wound up doing. I got so excited to get some sort of teaser out there that we filmed a 1.45 minute long prequel "short film" with the assistance of a cinematographer friend of mine, John Errington.

When it came time to shoot Blood Night I had a cast of all local Cosplayers (including Mike as the star), a crew, and even two local artists for make up effects. Shooting was spread out over three days lasting overs six hours each day, in the hottest time of the year, in a building with no air conditioning. All of the photography for Blood Night was shot in a cinematic style with practical effects used throughout. Basically scenes were acted out just like filming a movie, some were static, but most were dynamic action sequences that had to be shot multiple times to capture it from different angles. Everything had to be practical effects because I didn't want to photoshop anything unless absolutely necessary, it was no small undertaking when you are talking about fight scenes, throwing knives, and such, but the challenge was worth it. Said and done we captured 2,852 images during shooting. The final book wound up being over 80 pages long, much larger than I had planned, but the book grew as I saw the amazing images unfold during the shoot.

This project is completely not-for-profit and the final digital graphic novel is available for free download below. The printed books are sold at the actual print costs to keep the project nonprofit. It's all about the fun and creativeness that these comic books inspire in all of us!

I hope you enjoy reading Blood Night, thank you.

Please feel free to order a print book or view
the digital book using the links below

Blood Night Prequel short film.

A few pages from the book itself.

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These are some of the promotional images and behind the scenes photos from the project.