- David Jaffe: Photographer and owner of Lift-Off Studios -

I have been photographing our world and the things in it for over seven years, I am at home working with natural and artificial lighting, inside or outside of a studio. I love a lighting challenge and getting it right in camera.

I specialize in Commercial, Automotive, and event photography. I have worked with many types of clients from small one owner businesses to international companies. It does not matter if you have one employee or fifty, if you offer a service or are a manufacturer of giant industrial machines. No matter how big or small, all clients receive the same level of quality and excellence. I believe in building relationships with the people and businesses I work with. I want to make sure we have a long standing relationship that endures for years to come which is why face to face consultations are always free.

I have an extensive client list that has taken me all over the US from New York to Los Angeles. Some of those clients include:

• Klas Telecom
• Charlotte Chamber of Commerce
• Bonnier Corp. (Publisher)
• Keystone Aniline
• Johnston North America
• Johnson Matthey Process Technologies
• Catacel Technologies
• Centerline Digital Marketing (IBM Inc.)
• Foreign Cars Italia
• Motive Marketing (Pepsi Co.)
• Time Warner Cable Co.
• Leap Tech Robotics

Key Accomplishments
• Published photographs of a Hot Rod in Cruisin’ Style Magazine, Front cover and full interior spread. – October 2013 issue
• Published photographs of Motorcycles in Baggers Magazine, Front cover and full interior spreads. – June 2014, July 2015 issues
• Published photographs of commercial products in Carolina Bride Magazine, multiple interior spreads pages – January 2013, January 2014, March 2014, May 2014 issues
• Published photographs of locations, businesses, headshots in Chamber of Commerce Publications, Front covers, rear covers, and full interior spreads. – Tech and Innovation 2016, Headquarters 2016, Leading the Charge 2016, Living In 2016, Doing Business In 2016 issues
• Published photograph of a WWII Fighter Pilot in the Wings of Valor table book. – Published 2016
• Self Published Photonovel: Blood Night. – Self Published 2016

I am located in Las Vegas, NV, but am available for assignment around the world. Contact me today to discuss your imaging needs.

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